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Louise Payne

Registered with the Association for Nutrition 

BSc (hons) Nutrition (Bournemouth University)

MSc Public Health (University of Worcester)

Food as Medicine: Fertility & Pregnancy (Monash University) 

Chair of The British Obesity Society

Over 10 years experience


I established HNUK to help support individuals, health professionals and organisations with all things women's health, fertility and pregnancy. I’ve always been passionate about health and nutrition, which has grown and evolved over the years. However, more recently I've found myself immersing more and more into this world for multiple reasons; both professional and personal.

From studying, practicing and teaching nutrition for over a decade, I know how good nutrition throughout the first 1000 days of a child's life (before conception right through to their second birthday), can really have such a positive influence on the health of both you and your child. I’ve worked in early years settings and schools targeting children, improving their environments to help them make healthier choices to give them the best start in life, realising now that the best start in life is before they are even thought about!

With that in mind, your health throughout the preconception period and during pregnancy can significantly influence the health outcomes of both you and your baby. It's important that we focus more on women's health, encourage conversation and ensure it is taken seriously. It wasn't until I was diagnosed with polycystic ovaries and faced infertility struggles myself that I truly woke up to this and decided to really explore women's health and nutrition through the important life stages. 

With my first hand experience, knowledge and skills, I can work with women like you to help you take control of your lifestyle and transform your diet to optimise your health (and your child's health), improve outcomes or manage symptoms  - whatever your goal or stage you are at in your life! 

Louise x

Sophia Noke


BSc Human Nutrition Student


I am currently completing a Human Nutrition degree at the University of Worcester, preparing to start my second year.  As a mature student, I have spent a few years building and developing an eager interest in nutrition that led me to finally apply for university to study in more depth. So far, my studies have opened me up to the significance of food choices in our diets and widened my understanding of how adaption to diet can have profound impact, whether they be small or large, in the health and wellbeing of all people. This is particularly significant in the realm of women’s health and has become something I have begun to take particular interest in, hoping to further my understanding through my continued study and work with Louise.


We can help with:

Preconception Nutrition
Fertility & IVF
Pregnancy Nutrition 
Managing PCOS & Endometriosis
Diet through Menopause 
Gut Health
Optimising Performance 
Weight Management

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