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Welcome to NourisHER, an exclusive monthly membership offering you the tools, guidance, and support you need to achieve your health goals, whatever they may be! 


For only £129/month you will get...

Personalised Nutrition Expertise

Personalised, evidence-based nutrition recommendations tailored to your unique needs, preferences, and goals. Say goodbye to generic advice and hello to a customised plan that fits your life.

Virtual Convenience

You can conveniently connect from the comfort of your own home. Virtual consultations ensure that expert support is just a click away.

Ongoing Support and Accountability

Your subscription includes weekly check-ins and support, answering your questions, providing guidance, and keeping you motivated on your journey to help you stay on track and achieve sustainable results.

Meal Planning and Recipe Inspiration

You'll receive personalised meal guides and recipe suggestions to suit your dietary needs and preferences. Say goodbye to mealtime stress and hello to delicious, nutritious meals that support your goals.

Educational Resources

Gain access to a wealth of educational materials, including articles, guides, and resources, all designed to empower you with the knowledge and tools to make informed choices about your nutrition and well-being.

Exclusive Community

Connect with fellow subscribers in our supportive community. Share experiences, tips, and successes, and find inspiration and motivation as you embark on your wellness journey together.


"I thought I followed the "perfect" diet. i'm quite concious of my intake due to my lack of mobility, however Louise helped me establish a healthier and less restrictive view towards food. I realised I wasn't including much protein and when I did, I felt so much more satisfied! It's the simple changes that can make a real difference!"


"Working with Louise has been a huge eye opener. There was so much I didn't know about my diet and how it was impacting my health! The weekly support also keeps me motivated."


I went to seek help from Louise to see how I could manage my PCOS symptoms as my hormones were just all over the place. I found it fascinating to learn what a huge impact diet can have. I've finally got the confidence to come off the pill and use my new knowledge to hopefully keep my hormones under control and continue to lose weight but in a healthy way."

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