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Have you been told that you have a condition caused by inflammation in the body, or are you looking to help prevent chronic conditions in the future?


Are you confused with what an anti-inflammatory diet includes and what you should be eating more and less of?


Or do you just lack inspo in the kitchen and need some recipe ideas?


Then this is for you. 


Not only does this one week meal guide (yes it's a guide so please switch up the meals/ingredients as you see fit!) give you breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack ideas, it also gives you the RECIPES so you know exactly how to prepare and cook them, a SHOPPING LIST so you know what to buy, the NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION for each dish (including what KEY nutrients it contains) AND the total calories, fats, carbs and protein for EACH day - because transparency is important, right?!






Anti-Inflammatory Meal Guide (Digital Copy)

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