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Hormone & Fertility Testing

In partnership with Hertility

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About Hertility

Hertility is a women’s health company built by women, for women. We’re shaping the future of reproductive healthcare by pioneering unique diagnostic testing that provides data-driven and advanced insights into reproductive health, fertility decline and the onset of menopause. We provide expert advice, education and access to care - all from the comfort of your home.

Our research trials are a step towards fixing the currently flawed system. 31% of women will suffer from a reproductive health issue at some point and through our research, we aim to reduce the time to diagnosis through advanced at-home testing and specialist gynaecological care. We tailor pathways to the individual's reproductive goals, whether it be to explore their ovarian health and fertility options or overall hormonal health, such as confirming a PCOS diagnosis. Currently, we can diagnose 9 of the most common gynae pathologies which may lead to reduced fertility and signpost gynae cancers.

Ultimately, our aim is to change attitudes around reproductive health, both for individuals and in the workplace, and to encourage women to be proactive by tracking their reproductive health. We’re calling this the Reproductive Revolution!

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Why Hertility?

Hormones rule your life. How about getting to know them better? We can give you absolute clarity into what’s going on inside your body, through science-backed testing, diagnosis and treatment that fits conveniently into your life.

Science. Meet life.

Receive an online health assessment, personalised hormone blood test and comprehensive report from a private gynaecologist without leaving the house.

Hormones. Meet data.

It’s time to get answers backed by science, not hope. We can detect 9 of the most common gynaecological conditions such as PCOS and how they impact fertility

Fertility. Meet Biotech.

We’re the whole package, without the waitlist. And we’re there with you for all of it. Get answers within 10 days for a fraction of the cost of a fertility clinic.

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How it works?

Free initial assessment

Complete your online health assessment and we’ll deliver your blood collection kit with everything you need to collect your sample, to your home in 3-5 days.

Collect your sample

Collect your sample and post to our lab using a free returns envelope for a personalised hormone blood test, analysing the relevant hormones.

Receive your results

Our accredited laboratory will analyse your blood sample within 10 days then you’ll receive a comprehensive report from one of our private gynaecologists.

Book video consultation

Whatever the results, we have answers. Book a consultation with one of our private gynaecologists to discuss your results and next steps. 

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What You Can Learn

Hormonal imbalance

Find out whether you have a hormonal imbalance and why you're experiencing symptoms like hormonal acne, fatigue, and irregular periods.

Ovarian reserve

Your Anti-Müllerian hormone (AMH) levels provide a good indication of ovarian reserve and fertility as these hormones are produced in your ovarian follicles, where your eggs grow.

Fertility and conception

Determine whether a hormonal imbalance may affect your fertility or chances of getting pregnant by measuring thyroid and menstrual cycle hormones and assessing conditions.

Health conditions

Find out if you have a reproductive health condition such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) or premature ovarian insufficiency (POI) as well as signposting other conditions such as endometriosis or fibroids

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How to Collect Your Sample


Lay out the contents of your kit and follow our step by step guide. 


Warm up your hands, clean your finger and then pierce it using a lancet.


Let the blood droplets fill the tube to the top line and then close the cap.


Label the tube, prepare the box and then post it on the same day.

Click below to start yours! 

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